Thursday, October 1, 2015

Speaking of Cats.

Let’s talk about cat sitting.  When you think of cats you often think…well they’re so independent you just put out the food, the water and the clean litter box - and you may leave them alone for days which you would never consider doing with a dog.  It seems that way sometimes when your cat ignores you doesn’t it?

The truth is, studies show that cats are much more comfortable in their own familiar surroundings.  When you go on vacation DO NOT leave your cat at home unattended.  Critter Sitters, serving the Fox Valley in Western Suburban Chicagoland, will visit your home and care for all of cats’ needs such as feeding, watering, and cleaning the litter box.  We will NEVER let your cats out of the house.

The next time you travel for a couple of days or a couple of weeks - call Sandy at Critter Sitters to arrange for pet sitting services.  Her phone number is (630) 844-9554.  Or visit her online for a full list of services at

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