Monday, January 4, 2016

Consider Adopting a Pet in 2016.

We hope that it has been a great year in your home.  Now that we are ready to turn the calendar is your family ready to welcome a new member into the household?  Think of the joy that a new pet would bring to your daily life.  A four-legged friend to come home to every day brings joy to your daily life and reduces stress. 

There are many considerations of course.  How much time do you spend at home?  Do you have time to train a pet?  What is the structure of your family, including children, etc.?  Do you have a backyard or an area to walk your dog if that is the pet you are considering?  How large of a pet can your home handle at this particular time?

If you decide to open your heart to a new addition and you live in the Aurora, IL, or surrounding area remember the name of Sandy Hafenbrack.  Sandy is the owner of Critter Sitters.  She will be your “other best friend” in the New Year as she will help you with all of your pet sitting service needs in 2016.  When you make that important decision to extend your family, call Sandy at (630) 844-9554.

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