Thursday, December 13, 2018

How to Become a Pet Sitter.

Have you thought about this wonderfully rewarding profession?  Talk about warm and fuzzy feelings…this is the ultimate!  Would you like to make some extra money in 2019 and beyond doing what you already love to do?  Pet parents everywhere need your help with their pets when they can't spend as much time with them as they would like or when they are on vacation.

Here are some pointers before you embark on your first pet sitting job –

1.  Dogs will often mark their territory…don’t freak out.
2.  There is also likely to be a smell that you are not used to.
3.  For some breeds shedding is also a factor.
4.  You need to know about the pet’s behavior and feeding habits.
5.  What commands does it (or they) understand?

Great pet sitters are always in demand.  Do you have what it takes to sit with all creatures great and small in the Sugar Grove, Elburn, and Aurora Illinois area?  If you feel that this is your calling, then contact Sandy Hafenbrack of Critter Sitters.  She would love to meet you!  Call this phone number at (630) 844-9554 and visit the website at

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