Monday, March 4, 2019

Spring Has Almost Sprung!

I know that we have a ways to go, and memories of this harsh bitter-cold winter will linger for a while.  When March begins, we have the right and privilege to look forward to a break from cabin fever.  When is spring break at your kid’s school?  Also, if you did not know, Easter is April 21st this year, so you have some time left to plan a getaway.

Wait a minute.  Are you planning on staying home this spring because of your pets?  We understand, except that we also understand that it is a long run between January 1st and summer.  Why not plan that perfect spring vacation and leave your four-legged children to us?  We want to get to know them and give you the freedom to leave home on YOUR schedule. 

Ah, there is the rub.  YOUR schedule.  If you are a busy, working professional who leaves behind an empty house for a week or more then you want to be fair to your dog.  How about trusting us to care for your pets while you’re gone?  We are Critter Sitters serving the Fox Valley Area in Western Suburban Chicagoland with pet sitting services.  Call us at (630) 844-9554.

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