Monday, April 16, 2018

Your Four-Legged Child Needs their Exercise as Well.

How far away from work do you live?  If you live in the far Western Suburbs of Chicagoland, chances are you have a long commute.  Our days are extended by many minutes (maybe even hours of driving).  When we are in the car or at work hours seem like days to our beloved pets…especially our dogs.

Here is a test.  You try holding it all day!  Exactly, so why would you expect your dog to do the same thing?  Human contact is what brought the wolves to the fire eons ago.  Human interaction is what your dog(s) crave.  If you are not there to provide it, why not someone who loves all creatures great and small?

The answer in Sugar Grove, Elburn, and Western Suburban Chicagoland is Critter Sitters.  Sandy or one of her amazing team members will come over every workday and walk as well as play with the “kids”.  Now that is peace of mind on which you cannot put a price!  Call Sandy and arrange an in-home meet and greet at (630) 844-9554.

Check out Fox River Arts Ramble, April 21st

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"Fox River Arts is a collaborative group seeking to promote arts and culture in the Fox River Valley to cultivate a visible arts destination from Aurora to Elgin."

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

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Get out and enjoy a game or two this season and support our Chicago Cubs!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Pet Sitting for all Creatures Great and Small.

One thing about our beloved pets is that they develop habits which stem from YOUR daily routine.  They sleep in similar places, eat at somewhat regular times, and (hopefully) sleep when you expect them too.  The important thing for a four-legged child is routine.  Anything that upsets that upsets the household.

What are your plans for 2018?  Will your job take you out of the house more often?  Will you be going on vacation(s)?  Do you have a sick relative outside of Chicagoland that you wish to visit?  Better yet, are you a snowbird who wants to escape winter for a month or so?  Every decision you make impacts your pets.

That is where Sandy Hafenbrack and her amazing, loving team of care-givers comes in.  Sandy is the owner of Critter Sitters serving Elburn, Sugar Grove, and other areas of Western Suburban Chicago.  When we say that she and her staff treat your loved ones with the same care you would we may be underestimating their love for all creatures great and small.  Call Sandy today for an in-home visit at (630) 844-9554.