Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Longevity = Special Needs.

In recent years, Baby Boomers and the greatest generation has been living longer than their predecessors.  The same is true for our beloved four-legged kids.  Nowadays, we can anticipate a double-digit lifespan for our dogs (depending on the size and breed, of course).  With that, comes an increased need for geriatric critter care.

How do you administer vaccine to your best friend?  Here are some P’s to follow –

1.  Pre-visit your vet to determine if the dog may be administered vaccine at home.
2.  Possible reactions that they have to particular vaccines.
3.  Proper schedule.
4.  Proper Administration…temperature, transportation of the medicine, etc.
5.  Preparing your buddy for the shot by carefully checking the area first.
6.  Perfect insertion and removal of the syringe

Isn’t it great to know that the professional dog sitters at Critter Sitters of Southern Kane County, Illinois have all of the skills necessary to keep your best friend happy and healthier for a good many years.  When you call Sandy or one of her team to come into your home you are trusting someone who cares about your dog almost as much as you do.  Please call today for an in-home visit at (630) 844-9554.

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