Monday, July 2, 2018

You’re Going to be Gone for HOW Long?

Most of the year if you leave home it is for a day or perhaps a weekend.  In the summer, you may be absent from your castle for weeks.  Vacation should not be stressful worrying what’s going on back at home!  Small animals which can be left safely for a day or two are in danger if left alone for weeks.

Your gerbil, rabbit, guinea pig, macaw, even your expensive fish need care if you are going to be gone for a couple of weeks.  And what about your home itself?  Shouldn’t someone be looking in on the household periodically to insure safety and security?  You know the answer to that…of course they should!

If you live anywhere around southern Kane County in Chicagoland you can trust one of the best pet and house sitters in the land.  Sandy, or someone on her trusted team will look in on your home and your little critters while you relax worry-free hundreds of miles away.  Call Sandy today to arrange an initial visit at (630) 844-9554.

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