Monday, August 20, 2018

The Art of Pet Sitting.

It really IS an art.  Not every lover of creatures great and small is the right choice to babysit or walk your four-legged children.  I know one who just happens to be named Art!  How about that?  Art is a U.S. Marine veteran and a retired mechanical department employee of Metra.  He is a lover of all creatures and a person who takes pride in being true to his word.

He fought to protect we humans, now he plies that same passion in caring for your critters.  Be they dogs, cats, birds, etc. Art will treat them as if they were his own.  If anyone could be said to be “on a mission” it would be Art.  His mission is to make sure that the quality of life of your pets is extended as far as possible.

Now, how do you meet Art?  That’s very simple.  If you live in the far-Western suburbs of Chicagoland such as Sugar Grove, Elburn, etc. just visit  Art’s smiling face can be seen on the meet our sitters tab.  Call Sandy and arrange a meeting with Art anytime at (630) 844-9554.

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